Our Story



Meet Renata and Vit,

the environmental artists who created Tree Sky EcoArt.

Founded in 2017 in Boulder, Colorado, Tree Sky EcoArt is an environmentally conscious atelier, offering sustainable furniture, decor, sculptural jewelry, 3D art and public art all handcrafted from reclaimed urban wood.

Renata and Vit, an arborist, are on a mission to save local urban trees from the landfill and breathe new life into them through their discerning hand-processed craftwork. Their European design sensibility blends nature's rugged allure into their carvings and construction.

At Tree Sky EcoArt, every decision matters. They believe in eliminating deforestation and preserving old growth forests and rainforests.

Their vision is to inspire others to join the cause.

Visit their studio in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, nestled in the inspiring Rocky Mountains.

Discover their handcrafted and upcycled pieces that reflect earthy, rugged elegance.

Renata's deep connection with nature fuels her passion, and Vit's skills as an arborist and carpenter add craftsmanship to their creations. Each completed piece recovers the tree's vital energy, giving it a second life.

Explore Tree Sky EcoArt's one-of-a-kind, eco-conscious furniture, decor, and jewelry, knowing that every purchase supports their mission to protect our planet."