Our Story

Renata and Vit, founders and artists at Tree Sky EcoArt in Boulder Colorado

Meet Renata and Vit, the environmental artists who created Tree Sky EcoArt.

“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”
~The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss

Tree Sky EcoArt is an environmentally conscious furniture, decor, and sculptural jewelry company founded in 2017 by Renata Hromadkova, and based in Boulder, Colorado. 

We build luxury, unique and functional furniture with upcycled urban wood for environmentally conscious customers. 

Renata and her husband Vit, an arborist, save urban trees from being sent to the landfill and through their discerning hand-processed craftwork, give them new life in homes, galleries, and as wearable art. 

“Why import wood, which supports the destruction of rainforests and clearing old growth trees, when you can have quality, locally sourced urban wood? Every decision about materials matters. There is a human and environmental cost in the widespread destruction and transportation of trees from deforested communities.”
 ~Renata Hromadkova, Owner and Founder Tree Sky EcoArt

Renata brings European design sensibility to the rugged allure of nature’s elements in her carvings and construction. 

The Tree Sky EcoArt vision is to inspire every person to do their part in eliminating deforestation, which can save old growth forests, the rainforests, and the planet. 

Visit us in person or online and shop our environmentally sustainable furniture, decor, and jewelry. Everything is hand-crafted and handmade in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, at the foothills of the famously inspiring Rocky Mountains.

4919 Broadway, Studio 24, Boulder, CO 80301 

Private tours and appointments are available. 

(970) 401-1627  |   TreeSkyEcoArt@gmail.com 


The Founder and Artists 

Giving Second Life to the Trees

Renata is a self-taught artist, with a background in interior design and industrial woodworking machinery. She grew up on a farmhouse and was intimately connected with nature at a young age. “We heated our home with wood and my family taught me that every piece of wood matters because it provided warmth,” she explained. 

When Renata and Vit moved to the states, she noticed that people were throwing away useful pieces of wood. She describes having a physical reaction to wasting wood and feeling compelled to give second life to the trees. There is so much love for these wondrous natural resources behind each project. 

“I figured out what I could do to save the wood. So I started with small jewelry. Then I decided to go bigger to make sculptural furniture,” said Renata. 

Vit brings incredible skills and craftsmanship, learned in the UNESCO town where he was born. He is an arborist and carpenter who loves working with wood and chainsaws. 

Together, Rentata and Vit have built Tree Sky EcoArt, where each completed piece is an elemental transformation that recovers the tree’s vital energy. 

We hand-pick urban trees that are upcycled, carved, and crafted into functional furniture, artistic decor, and jewelry that reveals one-of-a-kind earthy, rugged elegance.